The MFR Coach’s Podcast w/Heather Hammell, Life + Business Coach for Myofascial Release Therapists

EP. 44 Cancer Treatment and MFR with Heather Cullen

January 3, 2022

Myofascial release can be a powerful adjunct therapy for cancer, reducing the side effects of traditional therapy and improving quality of life! In fact, MFR practitioners have seen the positive effects of this work in cancer patients for decades. 

Our guest today is Heather Cullen, PT, MFR Therapist and owner of Harmony Physical Therapy. She is also a very good friend of mine and on this episode, we are discussing your husband’s experience with cancer and how MFR has played an important role in his treatment.

The potential benefits of MFR should not be ignored. There is no evidence of harm and a growing body of evidence of great therapeutic possibilities. This is an enlightening conversation you don’t want to miss. Press play to join the conversation.   



Heather Cullen, PT, MFR Therapist and owner of Harmony Physical Therapy in Bellingham, WA

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