The MFR Coach’s Podcast w/Heather Hammell, Life + Business Coach for Myofascial Release Therapists

EP. 39 Finding My Group Bestie with Meg Gluckman

November 29, 2021

Today I am bringing another awesome episode with my friend and colleague, Life and Business Coach, Meg Gluckman. We talk about connection and belonging.

The world of an MFR Therapist and entrepreneur can be lonely at times. A remedy for this loneliness can be found in a collaborative community. Collaborating with other therapists and entrepreneurs can ease the sense of isolation and help your business to become successful in many ways.

Listen in as Meg and I discuss our experience as entrepreneurs and how we met through a group and have used that opportunity to connect and collaborate with each other and other business owners to make this journey much more successful for both of us. 



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