The MFR Coach Heather Hammell, Life+ Business Coach for Myofascial Release Therapists

EP. 38 Making Happy Money with Serena Hicks

November 22, 2021

Today we are talking about business and money. The way you run your business should be determined by the type of lifestyle you want to lead. To make that happen you must master your money mindset for ultimate business success.

Our guest today is Money Coach, Serena Hicks. Serena Hicks believes that making and having #BIGHappyMoney is a social justice issue. As a biracial businesswoman, who went from bankruptcy in 2008 to BIG Happy Money (she will have cash collected her first million as a Coach in just over two years) based on her realization that the Patriarchy hates a well-resourced BIPOC, woman, and/or non-binary individual. She offers that your money-making is HOW we change the world; financial freedom is indeed a powerful thing.

Serena is all about building a financial portfolio that supports you above and beyond what you need to survive and the secret is money mindset. Your money mindset is your unique set of beliefs and your attitude about money. It drives the decisions you make about saving, spending, and handling money. Having the right money mindset is extremely important as an entrepreneur. That’s because when you own a business, you’re 100% in charge of the results you get (or don’t get). That's why it’s important that you’re thinking the right thoughts to keep yourself motivated to work towards the results because the wrong thinking is usually the culprit that’s keeping most people from getting the results they want in their businesses. 

Grab your notepad and listen in to learn how to begin the process of transforming your relationship with money so you can create the life you want to be living, build a thriving business where you can earn more than enough while helping people live pain-free lives. 



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