The MFR Coach Heather Hammell, Life+ Business Coach for Myofascial Release Therapists

EP. 29 Selling to Yourself First

September 20, 2021

Do you buy the services that your company is selling for your own personal use? The answer should always be yes, because if you don’t believe in what you are doing then no one else will either. I mean, think about it, how can you be honest and true with your clients if you’re not buying in yourself?  When you are sold on your offer this is a perfect scenario for creating a level of excitement that others can get behind. This allows you to honestly promote what you’re selling as the best thing out there because you personally use it.

Beyond leading by example, being customer-first exposes you to the environment of customer service and quality. Allowing you to catch mistakes and provide above-and-beyond service more easily when you are participating and paying attention. Remember customers spend money with you for a reason.  Help make those reasons and those decisions easier by selling yourself on your offer first. You can do this by getting really clear on what you offer and what the results are. Listen in to learn how to start doing this today. 

This is exactly what I help my clients to accomplish. If you need guidance getting clear on where you are with selling yourself on your offer, contact me today at     



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